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With 100 years of shelter experience, at SmartShelters we know how to protect what’s valuable to you. As one of New Zealand’s leading shelter companies, over the years we have developed an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and unmatched service. There’s plenty of options out there, so before you count the cost of making the wrong call, make the smart call now.



SmartShelters is part of CW Group Limited, the longest-established fabric clad shelter company in New Zealand. Over our 100 years of history in the industry, we have developed and strengthened our reputation for providing class-leading and innovative fabric weather protection solutions in the market.


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Smartshelters played a critical role in the recent project to gather information about the Alpine Fault – New Zealand’s biggest earthquake threat.

Alpine Drilling Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Alpine Drilling Project

The Department of Conservation employed Smartshelters to create a helicopter hangar and accommodation shelters for use in the mouse eradication project in the wild antipodes islands. Check out our video on location.

Antipodes Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Department of Conservation

SmartShelters leads the way in farm buildings, industrial sheds and commercial shelter protection systems. We boast New Zealand’s largest shelter spans. We use the world’s toughest covering. We pride ourselves on employing some of the best technical features available on the shelter market, allowing us to offer our market-leading 12 year warranty, even in the harshest high-wind and high-snow environments.

Best of all, we offer all of these features in a proudly New Zealand made product.

Your assets are the lifeblood of your business, whether machinery, commercial materials, livestock or organic matter. You need to protect those valuable assets in order to grow your business. You put your money in a bank you can trust, so why would you place your other assets under the roof of anything but the most trustworthy structure?

Your farm building and industrial shed choices are seemingly endless, but in truth you have two options: you can make the wrong call, or you can make the smart call.

What are examples of farm buildings?

At SmartShelters we offer a full range of farm buildings / agri-shelters and industrial sheds / commercial shelters.

Our range of shelters includes structures to protect all types of farm assets. We offer livestock-specific shelters designed for cows, calf rearing, dairy goats, dairy sheep, pigs, deer and other livestock. We offer use-specific structures, including feed pad shelters, stand-off pad shelters, wintering & loafing shelters and composting barns. We have universal use shelters including dome barns and covered arenas. And we offer a wealth of agri-shelter add-ons that allow you to custom design your shelter to fit your specific needs, from walls and eaves to guttering and vents.

Our range of commercial shelters is equally diverse. Bulk storage, container shelters, portaspans or dome barns, for machinery, mining, man or material, mounted on concrete, containers or directly on the earth; if it needs to be commercially covered, we’re ready to cover it. Do you need something that you can’t find on our site? Not a problem – our expert team can custom design something to suit!

Is it cheaper to build or buy a shed?

Allow us to answer this question with a couple of other questions:

  • How much do you value your time?
  • Are you ready to risk both the structure and the assets it protects in the event of a large storm or particularly heavy snowfall?
  • While purchasing the raw materials and doing the work yourself may initially appear to be the cheaper option, it does force you to take on all of the labour and project management in the short term, and the risk in the long term.
  • Compare that with the wealth of experience, the access to the finest materials and the offer of market-leading guarantees provided by SmartShelters. With all this in mind, it’s fair to say that protecting your assets with a SmartShelter can be both safer and a more cost-effective option.

Do I need a permit to build a farm shed?

Do you need to seek permission from your local council to build a structure on your farm or work site? The short answer is yes, if the floor area is greater than 10 square metres. There are however certain exemptions that may apply – old structures that are being replaced, unoccupied detached buildings and discretion by authorities be granted exemptions under certain circumstances. You can read more about building consent exemptions on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website.

Ready to build? So are we! Contact the friendly SmartShelters team today.