Peter Hargest runs his family farm in Charlton, south of Gore, which was established in 1921. He milks about 100-130 Friesians – black and whites – seasonally.

In the winter of 2014, Peter Hargest faced a difficult winter. He was forced to feed his cows across the road on his run-off block.

The conditions were appalling. The wastage of feed was appalling. His cows had their backs to the storm, standing in slush and mud. 

There was nowhere dry for his cows to sleep, which led Peter to look for a simple solution for a cow shelter.

Surprisingly, that simple solution was very affordable.

cattle feed pad design

After the SmartShelter loafing barn was installed, Peter saw his cows were getting efficient use of his feed. They were putting on weight and were happy. He was also having very few problems with carving.

The SmartShelter loafing barn was built in a convenient place on a piece of land which Peter didn’t use much, meaning that he didn’t have to use up his paddock.

He fed his cows baleage which was very good in his SmartShelter. Feeding quality baleage – being free from inoculant – cut out any mistakes or failures and ensured very good utilisation.

Peter believes the secret to the success of his SmartShelter loafing barn is the airflow. Good air circulation means that there is no smell and that the cows are dry and happy.

“It’s an ideal solution and a great design. It’s very strong, no problems. I’m happy, very happy. We’re all very happy.”

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