Commercial Shelters

Make the smart choice for your property. Choose a SmartShelters commercial shelter.

Your company’s physical assets, whether machinery, materials or anything else, need to be protected. At SmartShelters we have 100 years of experience in building commercial shelters for New Zealand conditions. Our unique shelters keep your assets safe, while facilitating simpler and more efficient management of your property.

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    Do you need council consent for a shelter?

    SmartShelters commercial shelters come in many different forms, from simple, temporary shelters through to large structures built for specific purposes. So do you need building consent in order to construct one on your property?

    The short answer is it’s best to check. Generally speaking, gaining building consent is the rule rather than the exception, so it’s wise to assume you might. There do however exist a number of exemptions that may apply to smaller, simpler constructions, including:

    What sizes do shelters come in?

    SmartShelters commercial shelters come in a range of standard sizes, and can also be custom made to suit your needs. Our shelters can be made with spans ranging from 6m to 45m and beyond, a variety of heights (including large clearance), and whatever length you might need.

    What is the biggest shelter size available?

    The unique domed construction of a SmartShelter commercial shelter can be made in spans up to an incredible 50m. There is no limit on shelter length, and the height of the shelter can be made greater through the use of containers, poles or concrete blocks.

    How long do the roof covers last for?

    The durable roof covers of our commercial shelters are designed to last in the often harsh New Zealand climate. Our covers will stay strong in high wind, high rain and high snow conditions, and come with a 12 year warranty, although you can expect them to last for 15 years or longer in all but the most extreme conditions – check out our case study of a 14 year old composting shelter with its original fabric roof still in use.

    Can I have the containers under the shelter?

    Yes – containers on which we mount the shelter span can either sit on the inside of the shelter or the outside.

    Do containers need to be fixed down?

    At SmartShelters we like to keep things as easy as possible. For our container mounted shelters, all you need to do is ensure that your site is level and compacted. To hold the containers in place, you can choose to use either ballast in the containers or concrete footings, or a combination of the two methods – whichever works best for you.

    What is the wind rating?

    SmartShelters commercial shelters come with an industry-leading high wind rating specifically suited to your site conditions that guarantees the structure will stand strong. All of our structures are built to engineering standard AS/NZS 1170.2:2011, so you can be confident that your assets will be protected no matter how harsh the site conditions might be.

    How long does the fabric last?

    Our commercial shelters are made with incredibly durable fabric designed to last in the often harsh New Zealand climate, while still offering natural light and ventilation. Our covers will stay strong in high wind, high rain and high snow conditions, and come with a 12 year warranty (although you can expect them to last longer).

    What is the thickness of the fabric covers?

    Our super strength membrane structure fabric has been designed to minimise thickness while maximising strength. The thickness of the fabric can vary from structure to structure, so it can be misleading to state one number. Indeed, with density being a more important measure of the fabric’s strength and functionality, the fabric is more commonly measured by weight.

    The ‘standard’ version of our membrane structure fabric weighs 407 grams per square metre and measures 0.59mm thick. This gives it the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, while enabling it to let natural light into the structure.

    Boasting a team backed by 100 years of experience, and working with the finest materials available, at SmartShelters we’re able to rapidly design and construct commercial shelters of the highest quality, enabling you to work smarter, sooner.

    Contact a member of our experienced team today to discuss a truly smart shelter solution for your property.