Do you install nationwide?2021-05-09T13:32:10+13:00

Yes, we have a number of install teams around the country that will look after your shelter installation professionally and complete it to a high standard.

Do you offer fabric colour options?2021-05-09T13:31:27+13:00

Yes, in the SmartShelters range the standard colours we offer are white, mid blue, forest green, yellow, grey and transparent. We can do other colours on request.

In the SiteShelters range we offer white with silver ends as the standard fabric colour.

Do SmartShelters structures need a building consent?2021-05-09T13:30:53+13:00

The building act states any structure over 10m2 requires a building consent. All of our structures are engineer certified and have been granted consents by NZ councils for many years. We can supply all engineers plans, calculations and PS1, and guide you through the process should you wish to get a building consent.

What is your widest span?2021-05-09T13:30:31+13:00

The widest clearspan structure we have done at SmartShelters is 42m, however we can certainly go wider than that if you need it!

Do you offer custom widths and lengths?2021-05-09T13:29:45+13:00

Yes, we can custom make any size you require.

Do you supply SmartShelters globally?2021-05-09T13:29:19+13:00

Yes, our structures have been deployed all over the world in a huge range of different environments.

Featuring very compact bundle sizes for shipping and a straightfoward installation process which requires only basic tools and equipment, SmartShelters structures are an excellent option for relocatable and semi-permanent structures where labour and resources are limited. Our structures can be designed to suit a huge range of wind and weather conditions. In many cases we have sent a qualified supervisor to assist with offshore deployments.

All SmartShelters are designed and made in New Zealand and offer a 12 year warranty meaning you can be assured of receiving only the highest quality product.

SmartShelters services the whole world including France, Africa, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, the Pacific, South America and the United States.

How long do the roof covers last?2021-05-09T13:28:56+13:00

We offer a 12 year warranty on our structures and are confident that our fabric covers will last for 15+ years.

What is your timeframe from order to completion?2021-05-09T13:27:54+13:00

This varies a lot depending on the size of the shelter you have ordered. A smaller structure can be dispatched in a couple of days, whereas larger structures may take 4-6 weeks to be fabricated.

What site preparation is required?2021-05-09T13:27:24+13:00

We like to keep things as easy as possible. For our container mounted shelters, all you need to do is ensure that your site is level and compacted. To hold the containers in place, you can choose to use either ballast in the containers or concrete footings, or a combination of the two methods – whichever works best for you.


For pole mounted shelters, the site requirements are also very straightforward. A clear, level site is usually all that we need, along with information about ground conditions. Our sales consultants are always happy to talk through your specific situation, so don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss things in more detail.

What wind ratings do your structures have?2021-05-09T13:19:49+13:00

Your site has a required wind rating based on council wind map standards. We design and engineer your SmartShelters structure to suit the wind conditions of your specific site. These ratings vary, and we have supplied structures with wind ratings of more than 290km/h. Get in touch to find out what you require for your site.

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