Make the smart choice for your property. Choose a SmartShelters covered arena.

Covering your arena will transform your horse riding experience, making it comfortable and enjoyable no matter the weather. Our horse arena constructions are backed by 100 years of experience, where we work with the finest materials available. At SmartShelters we’re able to rapidly design and construct covered equine arenas of the highest quality, enabling you to ride better (and smarter), sooner.

Indoor riding arena featuring a large brown horse with a rider seated atop, an older man standing beside them in a plaid shirt and cap, and a resting dog nearby on the groomed sandy ground, all framed by the curved white canopy of the structure.


A straightforward & comprehensive arena covering solution.

  • Experienced in optimizing equine health
  • Very cost-effective
  • Rapid design and construction process
  • Clear span structure design eliminates internal obstacles or braces for total flexibility and future-proofing
  • We take care of the full process – design, consent, construction and completion


A smart, proven, high-performance building system.

  • Engineer certified to AS/NZS:1170.2:2021
  • Proven in the agricultural sector in NZ for over 20 years
  • You can rely on the backup and support of a family-owned business which began in 1915
  • Widths and lengths to suit every configuration from 6m to 45m wide, any length
Spacious outdoor covered structure with a white canopy roof supported by wooden pillars, overlooking a fenced area with a horse. The ground is uneven with patches of grass, and a hose lies coiled in the foreground. Hills and open fields can be seen in the distance.



You have peace of mind with the SmartShelters’ 12-year limited warranty against product faults.

We use only the highest quality components to ensure that your shelter stands up to the conditions. SmartShelters structures are engineered to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and are rated to withstand wind and snow conditions. By using structural-grade Supergal galvanised steel framing and tough Ripstop roof covers we have built up a reputation for extremely high quality and long-lasting structures.


Smartshelters played a critical role in the recent project to gather information about the Alpine Fault – New Zealand’s biggest earthquake threat.

Alpine Drilling Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Alpine Drilling Project


Antipodes Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Department of Conservation


    By covering your horse arena you will be able to:

    • Ride in all conditions
    • Enjoy greater levels of comfort in a well ventilated area that is cooler in summer and warmer in winter
    • Extend the life of your arena surface
    • Better settle your horses in a quiet, comfortable and well-lit environment

    What is the minimum size covered arena that we can provide?

    The traditional 20m x 40m size is the smallest dressage arena that we supply. We also offer a large dressage arena of 20 x 60m as a standard item.

    Provided you meet those minimum dimensions of 20m x 40m, we can custom build a dressage arena to suit your needs. Whether you want a particular size to accommodate a greater number of riders, to fit within a specific area of your property, or to simply give yourself more room to move, we’ve got you covered.

    Who are our covered arenas suited to?

    At SmartShelters we’ve supplied dressage arenas to a wide variety of happy customers. We’ve built them for the Disabled trusts, riding schools and many individuals that simply have a deep passion for horses and enough room on their property to indulge that passion.

    It’s important to note that our indoor riding arenas are exactly that – riding arenas. They feature a specialised dressage arena design that isn’t suitable for other uses, like an in-paddock shelter for your horses.

    Covered dressage arena with stalls? 

    At SmartShelters we can design and construct a covered arena to suit your needs; 6m or 45m, open or fully enclosed, with side walls and end walls or without. Stalls aren’t able to be included in SmartShelters covered arenas, however.

    What is a horse covered arena cost?

    It’s important to view your covered arena not as a cost, but as the investment that it is – the right construction will provide equestrian riding cover, enabling you to ride more, while simultaneously extending the life of your arena surface.

    That fact aside, covered arenas can be a wide variety of prices. There are a number of factors that will influence the price of your construction, including:

    • Width, length, height and overall square metreage
    • The layout of the design
    • Location factors that will affect the design (e.g. altitude, snow loading and wind ratings)
    • Ground conditions that will influence the design of the foundation
    • The site location (the more easily accessible the site, the lower the cost of construction)
    • The configuration of options (e.g. end walls, doors, side eaves, guttering, stalls etc.)

     What is the largest size you can cover?

    At SmartShelters we offer covered arena spans of up to an incredible 45m.

    How high does an arena shelter need to be?

    The ideal covered arena height will be one that allows for easy maintenance of the arena surface by allowing the appropriate machinery to fit inside. The right height is also one that offers enough room for riders who are riding close to the edge of the structure. 

    SmartShelters covered arenas boast excellent height clearance, allowing for easy maintenance and appropriate room for riders, as well as greater airflow, keeping summer temperatures down and the arena surface dry.

    What size is a standard dressage arena shelter? 

    A small dressage arena measures 20m x 40m, while a large, competition-level dressage arena measures 20m x 60m. At SmartShelters we offer arena shelters in these sizes and more.

    How long does the fabric last for?

    At SmartShelters we build our covered arenas with super strength membrane structure fabric, which is guaranteed to stay strong for a minimum of 12 years, even in high wind and high snow environments.

    What is the warranty? 

    All SmartShelters covered arenas come with an industry-leading 12 year warranty.

    What is the temperature inside a covered arena? 

    The combination of super strength membrane structure fabric construction and clever design means that you and your animal will enjoy temperate conditions inside even an open-sided arena shelter. SmartShelters covered arenas are commonly 3-4C cooler in the summer and 3-4C warmer in the winter when compared to uncovered arenas.

    How quiet are SmartShelters in the rain? 

    Because of the inherent flexibility of the super strength membrane structure fabric, the energy from rain and wind is absorbed rather than echoed by our constructions. This makes a SmartShelters covered arena far quieter in the rain and wind than a traditional equivalent like metal, making it far easier to settle your horse and enjoy your ride.

    How long do arena shelters last?

    Thanks to the use of super strength membrane structure fabric, a long time. However, the length will depend on the exposed conditions of the construction.. But you can rest assured that all SmartShelters covered arenas come with an industry-leading 12 year warranty.

    Contact a member of our experienced team today to discuss a truly smart shelter solution for your property.