Make the smart choice for your farm. Choose a SmartShelters farm shed.

Your assets, be they livestock, machinery, feed or a harvest, need to be protected. At SmartShelters we have 100 years of experience in building farm sheds and other industrial shelters for uniquely New Zealand conditions. Our farm sheds keep your assets safe, while facilitating simpler and more efficient management of your property. The best farm shed will change depending on your situation. At SmartShelters we design and construct a wide range of agricultural shelters for specific uses, including composting, wintering and loafing, calf-rearing and arena coverage, to name a few.

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    But no matter what purpose your agri-shelter might serve, the best farm sheds do have a few things in common.

    A high quality farm shed will:

    • Be designed and constructed by an expert team: SmartShelters has been designing and constructing New Zealand farm sheds and shelters for a century.
    • Whether high wind, high snow or high rain, they’re made to cope with local conditions.
    • Be made with the highest quality materials: At SmartShelters we use the world’s highest quality materials, like our thinner, stronger and more energy efficient Membrane Structure Fabric.
    • Offer peace of mind: The market-leading 12 year SmartShelter warranty gives you the confidence you need to get on with the job, knowing that your shed is up to the task.

    What is the price of a farm shed?

    It’s important to view your structure not as a cost, but as an investment – the right construction will enable you to work better, while protecting the things that you need protected. As such, the lowest initial price doesn’t often work out to be the lowest price in the long term. Quality matters.

    That fact aside, farm sheds can be any and every price. There are a number of factors that will influence the price of your construction, including:

    • Width, length, height and overall square metreage
    • Width in relation to length (on a square metre basis, a short and wide structure is less efficient to build than a long and wide structure)
    • The application of the design
    • The importance of the structure
    • Location factors that will affect the design (e.g. altitude, snow loading and wind ratings)
    • Ground conditions that will influence the design of the foundation
    • The site location (the more easily accessible the site, the lower the cost of construction)
    • The configuration of options (e.g. end walls, doors, side eaves, guttering, etc.)

    What is the best farm building?

    The best farm building is one that is fit for purpose. You don’t want to be rearing calves in a composting barn, nor do you want to be storing machinery in a dairy sheep shed – this costs you money by making your job harder and your business less efficient.

    At SmartShelters we offer a wide range of use-specific shelters, including:

    • Feed pad, stand-off pad, free stall and wintering and loafing shelters
    • Livestock-specific shelters for dairy goats, dairy sheep, calves, pigs, deer and more
    • Dome barns, composting barns and covered arenas

    Farm shed plans?

    At SmartShelters we offer a range of agri-shelter and farm shed plans designed to meet the needs of New Zealand property owners. But if you can’t find a plan that suits your exact situation, no problem – we can custom design a shed to suit!

    Explain your needs and wants to our expert team, and we’ll create a design tailored to your situation, that will have you working smarter.

    What is the difference between a steel shed and a fabric shed?

    Why choose a fabric shelter over a traditional steel shed? There are a number of reasons why more and more property owners are choosing fabric structures, including:

    • Ease of installation and relocation
    • Greater levels of natural light and ventilation
    • Greater flexibility in design and construction
    • An often lower cost

    Boasting a team backed by 100 years of experience, and working with the finest materials available, SmartShelters are able to rapidly design and construct a shelter of the highest quality, enabling you to work smarter, sooner.

    Contact a member of our experienced team today to discuss a truly smart shelter solution for your property.