Livestock Shelters

Make the smart choice for your farm. Choose a SmartShelters livestock shelter.

Keeping your animals comfortable and healthy isn’t just good for them, it’s good for business. Livestock grows faster, is more productive and fetches higher prices when they’re afforded the best conditions, so providing your herd of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, deer or any other type of livestock with shelter simply makes financial sense.

At SmartShelters we have a century of experience in building livestock shelters, and can rapidly design and construct a shelter to your exact specifications. SmartShelter livestock shelters use super strength membrane structure fabric to allow for natural light and great ventilation, while protecting your animals from high wind, high snow and high rain, and keeping them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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    In fact the benefits of a SmartShelters livestock shelter extend far beyond the health and productivity of your animals. A SmartShelters covered shelter is easier to maintain, facilitates more efficient management, and allows your pasture to grow, unencumbered by constant grazing.

    What types of livestock need shelter?

    The New Zealand climate is a particularly variable one, with hot and dry summers giving way to often icy winters. Such extreme conditions can cause stress and health issues in your livestock, increasing your vet bills while decreasing productivity (and your bottom line). As such it is wise to offer all of your animals some form of man made shelter, rather than relying solely on the vegetative or topographical features of your property.

    Pigs are notoriously good at evading fencing, and don’t require the grazing area that other animals do, so shelters are all but essential if you are to efficiently manage a herd. Shelters are commonly used on a more temporary basis for other animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and deer, like in stand-off, milking, feeding and wintering/loafing situations.

    How much room do I need when housing livestock?

    While there are a number of factors to consider when calculating space for housing livestock, the following numbers can be used as a guide for anyone doing preliminary planning for a livestock shelter.

    Animal Space per head in enclosed housing
    Beef Cow 10-12m²
    Dairy Cow  (wintering/other long term use) 9-11m²
    Dairy Cow (overnight/other short term use) 6-8m²
    Pig 5-6m²
    Sheep 2m²
    Goat 2m²

    Why is a SmartShelters structure the best option for housing your pigs, sheep, deer and other livestock?

    There are a number of reasons why a SmartShelter livestock shelter is the best choice for housing your livestock, including:

    • Even temperatures – 3-4°C cooler in summer, 3-4°C warmer in winter than an unsheltered area
    • The use of super strength membrane structure fabric, offering the best ventilation and plenty of natural light
    • The strongest construction, with a proven track record of quality and longevity
    • High wind, high snow and high rain certification
    • An industry-leading 12 year warranty for ultimate peace of mind
    • Custom end wall and door options
    • A huge range of spans, from 6m wide through to a huge 40m and beyond
    • Excellent build quality, being proudly made right here in NZ

    Boasting a team backed by 100 years of experience, and working with the finest materials available, at SmartShelters we’re able to rapidly design and construct livestock shelters of the highest quality, enabling you to work smarter, sooner.

    Contact a member of our experienced team today to discuss a truly smart shelter solution for your property.