We know that when you need a Container Shelter for site work, storage, machinery servicing, equipment maintenance or general storage, you need a structure which you can rely on. We’ve worked closely with contractors, site managers, engineers and suppliers for years to make SmartShelters structures the Container Shelters of choice.


A shipping container sub-frame provides instant workshop, garage, service bay and general storage area including lockup or dangerous goods storage. Designed to be relocated with minimal disruption, you may pack up your SmartShelters’ Container Shelter and take it with you when your contract or lease ends.

Temporary SmartShelters Container Shelters are ideal for short-time contracts but are also achieve fast, an efficient and flexible shelter for permanent projects.

Why choose our container shelters?

  • Extra heavy grade galvanised steel framing
  • Wind rated to your site-specific conditions
  • Ripstop polyethene covers designed specifically for southern UV extremities – extended lifespan
  • Unique cover insulating properties – cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Custom design available
  • Robust build quality – made in NZ
  • Comprehensive engineer certification – AS/NZS 1170.2:2021
  • Ease of installation – fast to relocate
  • Wide range of spans and height – from 6m wide up to a massive 50 metres!
container shelters



You have peace of mind with the SmartShelters’ 12-year limited warranty against product faults.

We use only the highest quality components to ensure that your shelter stands up to the conditions. SmartShelters structures are engineered to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and are rated to withstand wind and snow conditions. By using structural-grade Supergal galvanised steel framing and tough Ripstop roof covers we have built up a reputation for extremely high quality and long-lasting structures.


Smartshelters played a critical role in the recent project to gather information about the Alpine Fault – New Zealand’s biggest earthquake threat.

Alpine Drilling Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Alpine Drilling Project


Antipodes Completed Project by SmartShelters NZ, Department of Conservation


    If you need a shelter for site work, storage, machinery servicing, equipment maintenance or general storage, you’ll be looking for a structure that you can erect quickly, that performs well, that’s cost effective, and that you can rely on for the long term. And SmartShelters container shelters tick every one of those boxes.

    What is the minimum size container shelter that we build?

    The smallest container-mounted shelter in the SmartShelters range is 6m long (the length of a standard 20ft shipping container) with a 6m span. We offer a range of custom and standard spans above 6m, while lengths run in multiples of 6m in order to align with the shipping containers that serve as supports.

    Who are our container shelters suited to?

    Our shipping container shelters are designed for commercial clients and are used for business and commercial purposes, most often on building and mining sites, on farms, or as temporary storage for roadworking crews.

    We tend not to supply container-mounted shelters to private buyers or in instances of more private use, like as a carport or boat shelter, because the SmartShelters range has better-suited shelters for these applications.

    Why do temporary covers use containers for mounting?

    Shipping containers are tall and sturdy structures that are easily moveable and readily available. In short, they’re the perfect things to place a SmartShelters roof on! Shipping containers offer the perfect clearance for most applications (although they can also be stacked if more height is needed), and often don’t require permanent footings to stay strong.

    While we do offer other shelter mounting options at SmartShelters, including ground, pole and concrete block, shipping containers are our most popular mounting option, for all the reasons listed above.

    Is container mounting shelters better than ground mounting shelters?

    Container mounting is not necessarily better than ground mounting, it’s just different. Container mounting suits situations that require greater levels of clearance, as the domed design of our structures means that clearance on the sides is limited and floorspace is encroached upon if you choose to mount directly on the ground.

    The other major benefit of container mounting versus ground mounting is that the ground will remain undisturbed (when ballast is utilised). Rather than having to penetrate earth to secure your container shelter, you can place a container in the spot you want to erect the structure, and simply weigh it down with ballast to secure it. This makes installation far easier (and less damaging), particularly when erecting a structure on a hard surface.

    Can I use the containers for storage?

    Certainly! If you choose to secure your structure with ballast some room within the containers will be taken up, but apart from that your containers will continue to work as containers, and can offer handy storage space for tools, products and site materials.

    You can also use the containers as a workshop, garage, service bay or lockable dangerous goods storage area. Choosing to fix your containers in place with concrete footings rather than ballast will maximise the available space inside.

    What foundations are required?

    At SmartShelters we like to keep things as easy as possible. For our container mounted shelters, all you need to do is ensure that your site is level and compacted. To hold the containers in place, you can choose to use either ballast in the containers or concrete footings, or a combination of the two methods – whichever works best for you.

    How do container shelter roofs drain?

    Side guttering and downpipes are hugely popular options to assist with carrying water away from container shelter roofs. SmartShelters’ guttering system has been designed with all rainfall areas and climates in mind. Adding guttering to your container mounted shelter is a great way to control stormwater run off.

    How much weight can a container shelter roofing hold?

    The SmartShelters engineered design typically has significant weight bearing capacity. The exact weight varies depending on span, but many SmartShelters owners have suspended plant and equipment from the main arch framework of their container shelters canopies between shipping containers.

    Is there a difference between container shelter covers vs. container roofing?

    A container shelter cover usually refers to a canopy between shipping containers, or a structure which utilises the shipping containers as side walls. Container roofing can simply refer to the corten steel material used in shipping container construction.

    Are your container shelters, roofing and covers made in New Zealand (NZ)?

    All SmartShelters container shelters are made in New Zealand. The SmartShelters manufacturing plant is located in Wiri, Auckland and clients frequently take tours through to view the manufacture of SmartShelters canopies between shipping containers.

    Is building consent required?

    SmartShelters container shelters come in many different forms, from small and simple shelters through to large, permanent structures. So do you need building consent in order to construct one on your property?

    The short answer is it’s best to check. Generally speaking, gaining building consent is the rule rather than the exception, so it’s wise to assume you might. There do however exist a number of exemptions that may apply to smaller, simpler constructions, including:

    Our smaller shipping container sheds are popular can be used for general storage of equipment whereas our large shelters can safely store tractors and other farm or industrial machinery. Check your local council or government legislation for peace of mind.

    Do you sell containers?

    Yes, we have container shelter for sale alongside the supporting container roof. Contact our friendly team to discuss your container shelter options.

    Boasting a team backed by 100 years of experience, and working with the finest materials available, at SmartShelters we’re able to rapidly design and construct container mounted shelters of the highest quality, enabling you to work smarter, sooner.

    Contact a member of our experienced team today to discuss a truly smart shelter solution for your property.