Another video and post in our testimonial series from Lyttelton Port Company.

Lyttelton Port Company is the largest Port in the South Island of New Zealand. They are the gateway for the goods that keep the region moving.

We purchased a Smart Shelter industrial shed because we had four new straddle carriers coming in three or four months’ time and we needed to quickly install a workshop that would accommodate the height of these four straddles.

Smart Shelter was one of the companies that we looked at, and we went with them because they could accommodate our time frame. We were also impressed with the design, the safety, and the overall ruggedness of the structure.

What we needed in a shelter was a functional workshop that’s safe to work in, and we needed it very quickly. You can’t build a building as quick as a Smart Shelter, even in your wildest dreams.

The Smart Shelter is located in a storage space, so we couldn’t put foundations down or put containers into the ground.

Smart Shelter provided us with a solution by ballasting the bottom containers and locking the rest of the containers together to make them safe. That means in five or ten years time, we can pack everything up, move away from this area and leave it basically untouched. It can be returned back to the terminal in its original form as a container space.

container shelter storage

You have peace of mind with the SmartShelters’ 12-year limited warranty against product faults.

We use only the highest quality components to ensure that your shelter stands up to the conditions. SmartShelters structures are engineered to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and are rated to withstand wind and snow conditions. By using structural-grade Supergal galvanised steel framing and tough Ripstop roof covers we have built up a reputation for extremely high quality and long-lasting structures.

Both industrial shelters are working really well to accommodate the four high straddles. They’re 16.5 metres high, so they’re very large machines to fit into a workshop. Working with Smart Shelter has been a good process.

For anybody who wants to purchase a Smart Shelter, it is a very good functional workshop that can easily be made permanent.

The Smart Shelter will save you a lot, I think the biggest costs are with buildings and foundations. The Smart Shelter is definitely a good option and cost-effective too. One of the biggest benefits is that if the structure isn’t permanent you can just disassemble it and move it onto your next site and erect it again. I’d recommend it!