When it comes to fabric, we know what we’re on about. We’ve been cladding our shelters with the same Tuffspan PE fabric for the last 20 years and it has never let us down.

2017 Fieldays (7)

To prove our point, at Fieldays in 2017 we suspended a 1.9 tonne Nissan Navara on our Tuffspan fabric for the duration of the 3 day show. As well as drawing the crowds, the stunt certainly demonstrated the incredible strenth and durability of the 407gsm polyethelene.

A few facts about our fabric:

  • It has been developed chiefly as a structure cladding fabric unlike other fabrics such as PVC which are intended for tarpaulin and transport type applications.
  • It has a ripstop base cloth which is coated with a high density polyethlene, meaning it does not stretch or wear as other heavier roof cover fabrics do.
  • It has been designed to suit New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions.
  • It does not stretch or shrink in varying temperatures unlike PVC and other fabrics.

This fabric is used across all of our shelters including our most popular products; composting barn, container shelter and feed pads.

2017 Fieldays (6)