Road Metals is a company that’s been going for 65 years, and I feel very privileged to lead such a wonderful team.

The best part about Road Metals is the staff. I want to look after them, because it’s the staff that make the company what it is. We invested in a SmartShelter to improve the working conditions of the staff.

Here at Kiwi Concrete, we put the container shelters up to store products. If the staff want to do some maintenance on one of the loaders or trucks, they’ll go to the shelter so they’re out of the wind.

I like to look after our staff, I can do that in a number of ways by making the working conditions better. We have the best gear, so we run Mack trucks, Volvo trucks, and SmartShelters. We only deal with the best.

container shelter storage

It was interesting when I looked to see there were about four different brands of shelter that I could have bought. I ended up purchasing the SmartShelter for the ten-year warranty. Anyone that’s prepared to put in a ten-year warranty has my business.

SmartShelter wasn’t the cheapest on the market by a long shot, but it came with a ten-year warranty. That was the reason that I wanted to buy the SmartShelter. I haven’t had to use that warranty, but it’s good news for you and good news for me.

You have peace of mind with the SmartShelters’ 12-year limited warranty against product faults.

We use only the highest quality components to ensure that your shelter stands up to the conditions. SmartShelters structures are engineered to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and are rated to withstand wind and snow conditions. By using structural-grade Supergal galvanised steel framing and tough Ripstop roof covers we have built up a reputation for extremely high quality and long-lasting structures.