NZ Agricultural Show 2023

Wednesday 15 November to Friday 17 November 2023

Canterbury Agricultural Park, 102 Curletts Road, Hillmorton, Christchurch, New Zealand

Each year, around 600 trade exhibitors participate in The New Zealand Agricultural Show in Christchurch, drawing tens of thousands of people.

Organisers say the total number attending the three-day event last year exceeded expectations, with the final figure of more than 120,000.

With loads of competitions, challenges, music, food, and animals, this year the show will be back and better than ever! Kids go free again this year on all three days!

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    Our Products

    Calves resting and playing under a translucent arched shelter on a bed of wood shavings, with a blue feeding station in the foreground and wooden fences partitioning the space.

    Young animals are far more susceptible to disease and extreme conditions than older ones. Housing your calves make it far easier to keep them healthy, by:

    • Ensuring regular and easy access to food
    • Providing shelter from the elements and more comfortable temperatures (SmartShelters calf rearing shelters are 3-4 degrees cooler in the summer and 12 degrees warmer in the winter)
    • Centralising your young herd, facilitating easier management
    • Enabling you to put firm processes in place for vaccinations, disease management and disease treatment

    There are so many variables in terms of location, climate, breed, herd size and herd health that getting hard numbers on how much a composting shed improves productivity can be difficult. But by way of an example, this American study found measurable improvement in herd locomotion, hygiene and health. On the local front, Professor Keith Woodford described a New Zealand case where milk solid production increased from 380kg to 544kg per cow after utilising a composting barn for just one year.

    Spacious outdoor covered structure with a white canopy roof supported by wooden pillars, overlooking a fenced area with a horse. The ground is uneven with patches of grass, and a hose lies coiled in the foreground. Hills and open fields can be seen in the distance.

    Using a feed pad cover to protect your herd from the elements will improve the overall health of the animals. Our high-quality covers let in up to 90% of natural light, while stopping heat, rain and snow from entering the structure. Your animals will enjoy conditions that are 3-4 degrees warmer in winter and up to 12 degrees cooler in summer, increasing herd health and reducing your vet bills

    Free Stall Barns

    Free stall shelters are permanent structures designed to house livestock and provide them with feed and water. Typically designed to house cattle for extended periods, free stall shelters will usually feature both feed alleys and bedding areas.

    Free stall barns bring a wealth of benefits, including:

    • More effective feed rationing, reducing wastage and lowering cost
    • A SmartShelters free stall shelter is 3-4 degrees cooler in summer and 12 degrees warmer in winter, improving herd health, comfort and productivity
    • More efficient herd management and monitoring

    While a stand off pad can technically be any purpose-built loafing area, and can be as simple as a well-drained open field, the best dairy stand off pads are:

    Covered: To protect livestock from the elements, keeping them healthier and reducing vet bills.
    Well-drained/easily cleanable: To guard against the build-up of effluent.
    Designed and constructed for you: To make the job of managing your herd as simple as possible.
    Well built: To ensure it can handle all conditions and will continue to do so for the long term.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who normally attends Fieldays?

    Fieldays attract stallholders and attendees from every nook and cranny of industry; predominantly agriculture, but from a number of other sectors too. With hundreds of stallholders exhibiting their products and services, everything from farming machinery to fashion, shearing to shelters are on display.

    In 2022, Fieldays attracted approximately 75,000 attendees, making it the largest such event in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Where is national Fieldays normally held?

    Fieldays is held at the Mystery Creek Events Centre in Ohaupo, just south of Hamilton.

    What activities does Fieldays provide?

    Apart from the endless rows of exhibitors, Fieldays traditionally offers up plenty of action for its attendees, including:

    • Specials and promotions exclusive to Fieldays
    • Live entertainment and interactive events
    • Competitions and giveaways
    • Product and innovation demonstrations
    • The opportunity to network
    • Displays of the latest and greatest industry research

    Fieldays exhibitors

    Just like hundreds of other exhibitors, at SmartShelters we have spent decades displaying and demonstrating our products at Fieldays. It’s a unique opportunity to meet new faces or ones that we have only ever spoken to over email or phone. We also enjoy being attendees ourselves, wandering the grounds, and finding exciting exhibits and demos.